if looks could kill...

perchance to dream...

check it out, guys: erotica by the K&G girls! I just posted a story of my own, which is based on a real life fantasy that I've had for YEARS...it's called 'the repairman' and while the topic may be cliche, I'd like to think it might have the same arousing effect on you as it had on me, while writing ;)

give me feedback!
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if looks could kill...


It was such a beautiful, warm morning that apparently all of the windows- and their blinds- in my house were opened before I got up...so when I went to take a shower in the big bathroom downstairs, all of my neighbors got a walking naked show.


Normally, this wouldn't faze me at all, but the guys across the street (a house full of bachelors, pretty funny) were sitting on their front porch and waved at me with big grins on their faces, so I'm quite sure that they saw...everything.

When I came out of the shower, I was feeling bold, and was thinking of giving them a better show...but they were gone. Figures ;)
if looks could kill...

wanna be startin' something

I went dancing this weekend with two of my housemates; one of the nightclubs near our house played nothing but Prince, Michael Jackson, and Madonna all night long, and we had a BLAST...except now, I can't get anything from the Thriller album out of my head! I was barely old enough to really enjoy it when it came out, but now, I love it...I've got a serious weakness for dance-y 80s tunes.

So, once again, I've realized that I've been sorely neglecting this thing. I created a community for the K & G girls (hotwetnastyfone, check it out!), so I will hopefully be paying more attention, now...
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if looks could kill...


I don't know what it is, but hearing a guy curse when he's about to start cumming really, really hard turns me on beyond belief. It doesn't even matter what he says, really, as long as its particularly forceful...but of course, the louder and the dirtier and more crass, the better.

I just got off a call with a guy who shot a huge, hot load for me and right as he started cumming, he groaned and cursed and it just sent me right over the edge. Unbridled passion is so sexy!

1 hour away from valentine's day and I'm all ready to celebrate- the aforementioned caller brought up a great point, which is that if you're single or not up to celebrating romantically, make valentine's day about fucking! I've got a special up until Tuesday- $20 for 15 minutes...anyone up for a hot, sweaty, kinky celebration? ;)
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if looks could kill...

snowed in

I'm bummed! I was hoping for a wild (or at least more productive!) weekend, and yet here I am, stuck in my house. We didn't get nearly as much snow as expected, but it's still enough to make the roads pretty frightening, so I haven't even gone out for food, let alone for fun. :(

Anyone else stranded at home? Perhaps we might entertain each other...
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if looks could kill...

two months??!

I can't believe it's been since NOVEMBER that I updated this thing! I've been so busy, it seems I've lost track of time.

I suppose not much has changed in the grand scheme of things; I've gotten a whole bunch of new toys (including a Nexus double-ended dildo, which is one of the most incredible inventions of all time) and have been keeping busy with work (or is that play? ;)). I've also been spending a lot of time with my friend Lily; we're doing live threesomes all this week, it's pretty incredible. I don't know what is hotter- getting to fuck Lily (and this girl is damn kinky; she's a subbie slut and can take a whip like nobody's business), or knowing that someone is listening to us play. There is something unbelievably sexy about putting on that sort of a show for a caller...

I've been thinking a lot lately about taboos, particularly things that I've never really thought about as sexy before but which have recently enticed me, courtesy of a hot call. It's amazing how listening to someone's honest expression of desire and passion can arouse such sensation; it's a beautiful cycle, really. A guy tells me what turns him on...I talk to him about it, pondering it in my brain, letting my synapses send messages to my body and run down into my pussy...he gets turned on...I get *really* turned on...things get wild, and then we both explode. There is nothing quite like that in the world! That's why I feel like I can say that I am into just about anything, no matter how risque or socially inacceptable it might be- if I've not yet tried it, I'm willing to be open to the possibilities...

...and, as always, now I'm too hot to type. Don't assume anyone's around and wants to play? ;)
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if looks could kill...

LIVE threesomes!

In case you haven't had a chance to prowl around my site recently, one of my sexy, subbie co-workers, Lily, and I are now offering live threesomes!

You name it, we'll do it; femdom, tickle torture, strap-ons and toys, any
and all kinds of kinky fantasy roleplay...or just sit back and listen to us
play sweet and pleasure each other! If you'd like to be pleasured by two horny
girls, there's *no* limit to what we might do...

So tonight, we're getting together for the first time in a while; here's
your chance to listen to us get nasty! We'll be available for threesomes
between 7pm and 10:30pm eastern time; if you're around and in the mood, drop us a
line and we'll play!

Don't resist, we *know* you want it...;)

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if looks could kill...

as if nasty phone time isn't enough...

I just added a special contest for all of my callers in the yahoo! group...raffle for *FREE* phone time or a pair of panties! all you have to do is call once, and you're entered...

anyone needing a bit of extra heat in their summer, cum join the group...;)
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if looks could kill...

enter, if you dare...

because of the naughty, nasty nature of this journal, I have opted to make it friends only. if you'd like to get in deeper into my dirty mind, please leave a comment and if you're lucky, I'll let you in ;)

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